Halloween music for your video

Happy Halloween 2023 - TerraSound Creepy tunes for HalloweenTerraSound has the perfect soundtrack for your Halloween clip! 🎃👻 It's that spooky time of year again, when the leaves are falling, pumpkins are glowing in the windows, and creepy characters populate the streets. Halloween is just around the corner, and if you're one of those people who like to decorate their videos or social media posts with [...]

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Emotional Mindfulness Day

Emotional Mindfulness Day Bye-bye stress, hello contentment: The day of emotional mindfulness on September 29! Hello, all you everyday warriors, stressed-out entrepreneurial heroes, and always fighting for the good out there! Have you ever heard of a very special day that could change your life? No, we're not talking about a new business idea or a revolutionary marketing trick. We're talking [...]

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How music can make you happier and healthier

Woman listens to music and is happy The influence of music on your well-being Music is omnipresent in your life and accompanies you in many situations. Whether you're driving, working out at the gym, or having a nice evening at home, music affects your mood and emotions in many ways. In this blog article, we address the question of how music can make you happier [...]

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Music and meditation

Young woman meditating in bed while listening to music The longing for inner peace We live in a meritocracy. Wealth, prestige and power are distributed according to our output. We are flexible, hard-working, fast and always highly motivated. We can be everything - and at the same time: caring parents, good friends, committed employees, shrewd managers. We cultivate our networks, are active in sports, eat a conscious [...]

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Christmas magic and beautiful sounds

Christmas 2021 With heart and percent - through Advent! The time has come again to stock up on baked apples, vanilla cookies and cinnamon wrappers, preheat the oven to a cozy 300°C and warble your way into the Christmas countdown with the support of a cup or two of adult punch. Christmas sounds for smart gnomesNew Christmas music from the TerraSound composers You have alone at [...]

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Halloween Special 2021

Happy Halloween 2021 - Music & Sounds Happy Halloween - music & sounds for the spooky holiday! When the neighbor's smelly pumpkin faces wither away on the windowsill, when the cool autumn wind already carries a hint of graveyard, when we stand at the window in the evening and see the silhouette of a hook-nosed woman on a broom fly by in front of the glistening face of the full moon, then we know [...]

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September Special 2021

September Special 2021 Autumn tones No season is as colorful as autumn. This splendor challenges our creativity every year. Let the colors, sounds and smells inspire you and give your vision of autumn the right shape! With the following GEMA-free compositions you can turn the mood of your pictures and videos into a warm, autumnal work of art [...]

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Change of Mind - commissioned composition

Change of Mind - Film Music Trilogy In the beginning there was the melody In April 2020 I received a request from a client for a possible commissioned composition. Zaubererde (my client's stage name) had had a melody in his head for some time, and he couldn't get it out of his head. Therefore he wrote down the basic notes on a piece of paper, photographed the sheet and sent me a picture [...]

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