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Funk and jazz music

Royalty-free funk and jazz music - excellent as background music for Telephone queues or suitable for web videos and advertising.

Funk & Jazz - a touch of coolness

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Pink Lounge Speed: 120 bpm Ι Length: 2:19 Min

Floating, spherical and pulsating soundtrack with beautiful surface sounds and psychedelic electric guitars; reminiscent of Pink Floyd. Perfect for documentaries and portraits, as background music for audio guides, vlogs or as pleasant interlude in autmotivated telephone announcements.

Louisiana Speed: 101 bpm Ι Length: 4:56 Min

Louisiana blues with acoustic slide guitar, piano and horns. Groovy, light and carefree.

Blue Lounge Speed: 60 bpm Ι Length: 3:14 Min

"Blue Lounge" is wonderfully calm, relaxed jazz music that lets you switch off and unwind with a well-deserved after-work beer.

Funky smile Speed: 112 bpm Ι Length: 2:35 Min

Groovy driving funk music for product films, comedy series or computer games. Here in the original version with cheeky, accented synths.

Funky Smile - Talkover Speed: 112 bpm Ι Length: 2:35 Min

Groovy driving funk music for product films, comedy series or computer games. Here as talkover version.

Start Speed: 98 bpm Ι Length: 3:02 Min

Loose funky groove track with catchy jazz guitar melody, activating and driving. Ideal for image and advertising films, sports and motivational videos, social reports or scientific and technical documentaries.

The Solution Speed: 89 bpm Ι Length: 3:39 Min

Harmonic pop/rock song, euphoric chorus with vocals, absolutely handmade, extended beginning. Due to its positivity ideal for commercials, YouTube stories, photo/video shows and reviews (family, school, studies, friendship), self-made videos.

Otis Var 1 Speed: 102 bpm Ι Length: 4:54 Min

Relaxed west coast sound that will bring you right down. Wonderful handmade pop song with nice guitars, light, groovy and flowing. Funkier variation of the original "Otis" - perfect for commercials, travel documentaries and as chill waiting or break music.

Du Bao Swing Speed: 140 bpm Ι Length: 4:50 Min

Rhythmic swing with a catchy groove. Ideal as Music on hold.

Alexa Speed: 135 bpm Ι Length: 3:58 Min

Latin band song with acoustic guitar and electric guitar melodies, piano, Rhodes, bass and drums.

Anything for You Speed: 70 bpm Ι Length: 3:50 Min

Beautiful and romantic smooth jazz track with a feel of the 80s.

City Colours Speed: 172 bpm Ι Length: 2:39 Min

Positive, swinging jazz music that immediately sprays good mood. Great for comedy, commercials or as intro music for Youtube videos.

Ocean's Sixteen Speed: 125 bpm Ι Length: 3:50 Min

Casual jazz/funk/breakbeat mix with enormous "coolness factor"! Reminds in rudiments of the music of the great movie "Oceans's Eleven".

Talkover Lounge Speed: 90 bpm Ι Length: 2:40 Min

Cool lounge music with rhodes, electric bass, clean electric guitar and casual beat.

Berlin At Night Speed: 68 bpm Ι Length: 1:18 Min

Blurry nighttime big city images. Funky atmo sound with wahwah guitars, without drums (variation of Berlin).

Berlin Part 2 Speed: 136 bpm Ι Length: 3:37 Min

Part 2 of the funky electro track dives into the city again and takes groovy retro sounds into the beat. Brings cool flair to your movies, commercials, documentaries on the topics of big city, 70s/80s, nightlife, clubbing, cult thrillers.

Funk and jazz music

Funk and jazz music

Jazz originated around 1900 in the southern states of the USA and was originally produced predominantly by African-Americans. Jazz quickly evolved in a variety of ways, very often crossing over with other musical genres and traditions.

Around 1960, among other things, the musical genre of funk (which was also developed from various influences of soul and rhythm & blues).

The funk and jazz genre at TerraSound stands for cool, relaxed and positive background music with mostly classical instrumentation of double bass (or electric bass), drums, piano, Rhodes, electric guitar, saxophone and trumpet.

All songs of the category FUNK / JAZZ GEMA-free, i.e. after licensing a piece of music come No follow-up costs due to collecting societies (e.g. GEMA, AKM, SUISA) will be approaching you. Further information on the topic Royalty free music can be found on the home page.

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