Meditation music for meditation, yoga, hypnosis

  Good GEMA free meditation music
Relaxation can be so simple.

Meditation music has a relaxing and calming effect compared to everyday music. Therefore, it is not only very helpful for meditation,
Hypnosis or yoga - meditative music can also have a positive effect on many aspects of your life.

Woman with headphones lies relaxed on a meadow and listens to GEMA free meditation music from TerraSound

Less stress   Higher concentration   and better sleep  
are just a few examples where relaxing meditation music can be supportive.

Discover the harmonic world of meditation music! Here you can expect not only information about this fascinating topic, but also a carefully curated selection of musicthat are perfectly suited to your needs. Immerse yourself in sounds that are especially suitable for yoga, autogenic training, deep relaxation and guided meditations.

Experience how the right background music can take your meditations to a new level!

  Meditation music for autogenic training, better falling asleep, deep relaxation

Below is a selection of meditative music for body journeys, deep relaxation and for better sleep. The pieces partly include nature sounds to enhance the positive effect.

Mind Travel Speed: free Ι Length: 30:10 Min

Calm, relaxing meditation music with 30 minutes length. Perfect for soundtracking spoken meditation or hypnosis videos.

Meditation (long) Speed: free Ι Length: 32:49 Min

Over 30 minutes of soft and relaxing meditation music. Perfect background music to meditate and unwind.

Waves of Motion Speed: free Ι Length: 10:01 Min

Floating, light, atmospheric - meditative music for yoga, hypnosis and meditation.

inner peace Speed: free Ι Length: 60:00 Min

Soothing and relaxing meditation music with nature sounds (water splashing, raindrops, forest atmos). For yoga, meditation, hypnosis.

Lightness Meditation Speed: 60 bpm Ι Length: 22:57 Min

Calm and flowing variation of the music "Lightness". Bright ascetic theme with piano. Accompanying music for meditation videos and podcasts or as a soundbed for audio guides and documentaries.

Relax with calming Heartbeats Speed: free Ι Length: 36:41 Min

Let your pulse calm down... great background music for heart chakra meditation or passive meditation in general.

Peace Within - quiet version Speed: free Ι Length: 26:31 Min

This minimalist version of "Peace Within" without guitars, flutes and drums is ideal as background music for deep relaxation exercises.

Inner Circles Trance Speed: free Ι Length: 7:36 Min

Music for deep meditation! Harp, Indian flute, floating surface sounds, mandolin, guitar and piano - wonderfully relaxing background music for all topics around wellness, meditation or spirituality.

Sleep Well Speed: free Ι Length: 7:41 Min

Melodious singing bowls supported by pleasant sounds of nature (birds chirping, water rushing). Sound bed for falling asleep or relaxation meditations.

Waves and Heartbeat Speed: free Ι Length: 16:22 Min

Ascetically constructed, meditative soundtrack that relies exclusively on ocean noise and heartbeat sounds. Very suitable for mindfulness exercises, heart chakras or generally to come to rest.

  Background music for online meditation or yoga exercises

You are looking for pleasant calm music for online meditations or yoga exercises and want to publish them on your Youtube channel?
Then you'll find the right background music here.

Pure inspiration Speed: free Ι Length: 13:19 Min

Calm, relaxing piano music accompanied by gentle strings - excellent as relaxation music for stress relief, yoga and better sleep.

Feel Your Heart - Part 1 Speed: 62 bpm Ι Length: 5:31 Min

Gentle music for peace and meditation with shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute), light rhythm and deep singing.

Sunrise Speed: free Ι Length: 6:11 Min

The sun rises, the fog lifts, dew softly beads from flowers and leaves, and the first rays of sun warm the face... Calm and peaceful ambient music.

Inner Circles Meditation Speed: free Ι Length: 47:10 Min

The mystical sounds of the Native American flute and the soothing interplay of harp and acoustic guitar carry you to a place of deepest relaxation.

Inner Circles Part1 Speed: 80 bpm Ι Length: 9:06 Min

Enchanting music for deep meditation with harp, Native American flute, floating surface sounds, mandolin, guitar and piano.

Lightness - Part 1 Speed: 60 bpm Ι Length: 17:09 Min

Part 1 of the melodic-dynamic, diversely orchestrated meditation music awakens your inner power and awareness for the essential things. Perfect for meditation videos and podcasts!

Fulfilled Wellness Speed: free Ι Length: 34:27 Min

Floating, "breathing" surface sounds provide relaxation and well-being. Very good, among other things, as a sleep aid or as a background for narrators and mental guides.

  Examples of meditative music from our YouTube channel

  Relaxing meditation music with tuning in 432Hz

Relaxing meditative music with Native American flute and chant in 432Hz

Flowers 432Hz Speed: 65 bpm Ι Length: 8:10 Min

Gentle, deep music with dreamlike piano for relaxation, yoga, meditation and health applications in 432 Hertz tuning.

Open Door Speed: 63 bpm Ι Length: 41:02 Min

Atmospheric, relaxing meditation music with Indian flute and chant in 432 Hz. Perfect for meditation, hypnosis and yoga.

Open Door 2 Speed: free Ι Length: 41:05 Min

Version without percussion and choir - relaxing meditation music with Native American flute and vocals in 432 Hz.

Tuning Tibetan Bowls - 432Hz Speed: free Ι Length: 4:10 Min

Singing bowl meditation for inner balance and mental healing. Perfect for use in your meditation video or audio.

  Activating and experimental meditation music

Mindshift Speed: 125 bpm Ι Length: 17:12 Min

Experimental instrumental music with tabla, piano and choir sounds. Due to the many rhythmic elements Mindshift is well suited as Music for active meditations.

Indonesian Shaman Speed: free Ι Length: 7:32 Min

Atmospheric sounds from traditional instruments and nature sounds create an atmosphere of mystical rapture. For travel reports, exhibitions or documentaries around the topics of naturopathy, spirituality, meditation.

Sonido Meditativo Speed: free Ι Length: 16:08 Min

Meditative soundtrack for relaxation, body journey, autogenic training. The multi-faceted sound experience creates the basis for an intense suggestion.

Active and passive music for meditation

Most people seek in meditation to come to rest, inner balance or the reduction of stress and worries. But mindfulness or self-healing are also meditation goals. It is usually about a healthier and happier life. Music can be a supportive element in meditation. We can distinguish two types of meditation music.


Active music for meditations

Movement or mantra techniques are central themes in active or dynamic meditation. These include, for example, yoga or tantra, martial arts, mantra chanting or spiritual dance.

Active meditation music - Conga drum


Activating music for meditation is characterized by faster rhythms, higher frequencies, and energetic sounds (for example, drums or timbrels) that aim to keep the mind awake and alert.

Activating music can be particularly helpful in meditation techniques aimed at increasing concentration, clarity, and mental alertness. By stimulating brainwaves and activating various brain regions, this form of music can assist in achieving a high level of focus and mental presence during meditation.

Activating meditation music can thus also be seen as a kind of "cognitive fitness training" that promotes mental performance and creativity without sacrificing relaxation and inner peace.

Passive meditation music

Passive meditation is practiced in a resting position and usually in silence. Attention is focused on mental, emotional and physical events of the moment.

Passive meditation music - woman sitting relaxed on jetty meditating


Passive meditation techniques include Zen meditation, a form of Buddhist mindfulness meditation, as well as guided meditations such as dream journeys or body scans.

The basic building blocks of passive meditation music are therefore sounds or acoustic elements that are associated with relaxation. Often, nature sounds such as birdsong, the splashing of water (see video above) or pleasantly vibrating sounds as with singing bowls are used.

The music itself contains mostly extended soundscapes with very little dynamics, so as not to shift the focus of attention during meditation.

Further information about music in meditation

Other positive properties of meditative music

Relaxing meditation music has a positive effect on our body and mind in various ways. Various studies have shown that listening to soothing music during meditation can help reduce stress levels, enhance cognitive performance and promote emotional well-being.

Singing bowls and meditation

The use of Singing bowls and meditative music in meditation also enjoys great popularity, as they can develop a special effect on body and mind due to their different frequencies and vibrations. Singing bowls produce a variety of tones and overtones that stimulate different areas of the brain depending on the frequency and thus enable a deep relaxation experience.

Meditative music based on these singing bowls or used in combination with them can make the meditation experience even more intense. The vibrations of the singing bowls directly affect the body and can calm the autonomic nervous system, while the music creates a pleasant atmosphere and quiets the mind.

Together, singing bowls and meditative music offer a powerful combination that can promote holistic relaxation and harmonization of body, mind and spirit.

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