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On this page you can download royalty-free music from the genres Ambient, Breakbeat, Film Music, Piano Music, Pop & Rock, World for free and use it for your non-commercial videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or TikTok - without registration! Prerequisite is the indication of the source of TERRASOUND.DE as well as the compliance with the Terms of use.

Royalty free music for Youtube - Instagram - Facebook


  License-free music for videos on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook.

Below you will find my selection of license-free music (format MP3, 128kbps), which you may use free of charge as a private person. If you like to use the music in CD quality (WAV, 44.1kHz, 16Bit, stereo) or you need a GEMA exemption certificate, you have to buy a license. With a license you can use the music in top quality, legally secure and permanently.

  It's that simple...

1. start music player   2. click download icon   3. comply with the terms of use  

  Please read the terms of use

  Download royalty free music for free - Part 2

  License-free background music for videos - here are two movies from my YouTube channel:

  Royalty free music for videos - Part 3


Terms of use for the license free songs


Attention: No support for the free songs!

Please understand that there is no support for the license free music titles (neither by e-mail nor by phone) -.
if you are not sure about your usage, better buy a License for the respective piece of music.

What uses are allowed?

  • exclusively private individuals* (e.g. for vacation videos, drone movies, a project for university, etc.).
  • Cut music (shorten, lengthen, loop), change volume
  • Laying speech / texts / sounds over the music
  • Publication of the non-commercial videos on the Internet

  What do I have to do for this?

* One Private individual is a natural person (consumer) acting on his own behalf, not acting as a representative on behalf of companies, authorities, associations, foundations.
Example: If you use the music in the course of your self-employed activity, you are considered to be Entrepreneur.

What uses are NOT allowed?

  • Any promotional usage (e.g. image film, product film, book trailer, showreel, etc.)
  • Monetization of the videos (= commercial and therefore subject to license!)
  • Use by companies / professionals (GmbH, gGmbH, AG, UG, etc.)
  • Use by authorities (fire department, police, offices, etc.) or clubs (e.g. sports clubs, theaters, etc.)
  • Connection with Politics or Religion
  • Basically NOT allowed is sampling, remixing, adding more instruments or vocals and reselling (sublicensing)

  License music now with legal security!

Furthermore, uses that violate the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, the European Union, public order or morality are prohibited. The use of a work of in such contexts is inadmissible and constitutes a serious violation.

Download your song in CD quality now!

Visit our music catalog now and license your song in studio quality (WAV, 44.1 kHz, 16 bit, stereo)

FAQ - License free music

What is license-free music?

Besides the term Royalty free music, which is explained in more detail on the home page, is also often used by many music archive providers with the wording License free music advertised. This means, mutatis mutandis, that no license (right of use) has to be acquired for the use of a piece of music - neither from the author, a publisher, nor from any collecting society.

This may be the case in exceptional circumstances, when a composer (author) has his or her free MP3 music for private use (for example, as background music for a wedding video, photo show or slide show). However, commercial uses are usually excluded from thise.g. the use of music in image or product videos, TV, advertising, cinema or computer games. For the use of music in commercial projects, the purchase of an appropriate license is recommended in any case to be legally protected.

What content can I use online on YouTube for free?

YouTube itself offers an audio library that contains a large selection of free music tracks that you can use in your own YouTube videos without violating copyright. These music tracks are license-free and can therefore be used without the permission of the rights holders. On you can find 50 license-free songs, which you are allowed to use free of charge if you comply with the conditions (see above).

Where can I download license-free music for free?

There are several websites where you can find license-free songs. However, it's important to note that some websites may have certain restrictions on the use of the tracks, such as the indication of the author or the lack of editing rights. Therefore, make sure you read the terms of use and license agreements carefully before downloading and using a track.

Which songs are license-FREE?

There are many songs that are license-FREE and can be used in various projects without any legal problems. However, it is important to understand that the terms "license-FREE" and "copyright-free" do not mean the same thing. Some types of songs that are usually license-FREE include:

  • Classical music: Works by composers who have been dead for a long time, such as Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, are first free of copyright. However, the respective PLAYING of these works may be subject to licensing and fees again.
  • Traditional folk music: Music pieces that are part of the folk music and culture of a country can usually be used without a license.
  • Music without copyright: There are also pieces of music that were never copyrighted because they were created by artists who had no interest in copyrights or because they were created before copyright laws were introduced.
  • Music with Creative Commons license: Some artists choose a Creative Commons license for their tracks, which allows others to use their content as long as they comply with the terms of the license.

Is license-free music automatically copyright-free?

The wording "license-FREE" is actually a bit misleading, as it is quickly equated with "copyright-FREE". However, this is not the case in Germany, where copyright cannot be transferred.

To be sure not to violate any copyright, you should always contact the author (musician, artist, composer) directly and ask whether the use of their works (music, photos, lyrics) is okay.

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