Music for commercials

Music for commercials

Here you can find all the music suitable for commercials on TV, cinema or radio.

Music for advertising - positive and promotional!

Suitable music pieces on the subject of advertising / commercials on the Internet, radio, cinema and TV. You can download each piece of music as a "layout version" (MP3 format, incl. audio watermark) to test the positive effect in advance.

Grand Etude Speed: free Ι Length: 2:05 Min

Inspiring piano film score with driving arpeggios and overall positive, mysterious mood. Perfect for commercials and web videos.

Success Speed: 120 bpm Ι Length: 2:25 Min

Positively charged, atmospheric corporate pop music with pleasant harmonies. The perfect Background music for image films, product videos and commercials. Also available as talkover variant: SUCCESS TALKOVER

Hot touch jingle Speed: 105 bpm Ι Length: 0:43 Min

Rocking, rousing soundtrack with rhythm landed beats - perfect for action-packed commercials and movie scenes.

Louisiana Speed: 101 bpm Ι Length: 4:56 Min

Louisiana blues with acoustic slide guitar, piano and horns. Groovy, light and carefree.

Traveler Speed: 125 bpm Ι Length: 2:25 Min

Positive-inspiring corporate track - perfect for commercials!

On my Own Speed: 120 bpm Ι Length: 3:03 Min

Motivating pop rock with euphoric positive mood. GEMA-free music for advertising and image films. Download now free layout version for testing purposes.

Mambo Wambo Speed: 83 bpm Ι Length: 0:26 Min

Swinging mambo in the style of the 60s. Handmade with acoustic horn.

Timepieces Speed: 131 bpm Ι Length: 2:17 Min

Pop rock soundalike with a tribute to a famous Brit Pop band. Perfect for commercials and image films.

Live your Dream Speed: 140 bpm Ι Length: 3:15 Min

Positive, energetic song with classic pop and electronic elements. Positive royalty free music for web videos and image films.

Seeking Happiness Speed: 115 bpm Ι Length: 0:58 Min

Funny and lively film music that immediately puts you in a good mood. Super as Music for commercials.

Straight Ahead Speed: 133 bpm Ι Length: 4:10 Min

Hard rock 'n' roll band - groovy, cool and in a good mood. Tough guys on shiny machines, ready for endless trips and the great freedom. For commercials, computer games and feature films.

Happy Speed: 150 bpm Ι Length: 3:45 Min

Funny song with Wurlitzer Electro piano, vocals, whistles and beatbox.

Positive batch Speed: 134 bpm Ι Length: 2:11 Min

Optimistic and life-affirming pop song that works well as positive background music for commercials.

Brand New Day Speed: 95 bpm Ι Length: 3:09 Min

Optimistic pop music with a hopeful mood - perfect for advertising.

Good Times Speed: 155 bpm Ι Length: 3:22 Min

Happy, positive pop music that conveys optimism and a sense of freedom - perfect for commercials and YouTube videos.

Lucky Day Speed: 180 bpm Ι Length: 0:48 Min

Positive, slightly trashy rock song that exudes lightheartedness and good humor - perfect for advertising that is supposed to be aimed more at a young audience (topic cell phone, smartphones, Internet)!

Music for advertising - cinema, radio and TV

Music for commercials

The music in a commercial is intended to help a potential customer/buyer identify with an advertiser's product or service.

In this way, the customer should establish a positive connection to the brand / product on an emotional level and thus naturally improve the overall bond with the advertised service / product.

The category "advertising music" includes - besides the pure background music - the jingle and the audio logo (recognition melody). You can find more info about this under Sound branding.

The selection here includes, among others, pieces from the field of Pop Rock, Orchestral Film Music and Ambient / Chillout with a mostly positive mood and motivating effect.

All songs in the category MUSIC FOR ADVERTISING SPOTS are GEMA-free production music, i.e. after licensing a piece of music, you will incur the following costs No follow-up costs due to collecting societies (GEMA, AKM, SUISA). More information about the term Royalty free music you can read on the home page.

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