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Sometimes slightly melancholic, sometimes heart-rendingly romantic - here you will find relaxed songs of the Easy Listening category.

Easy Listening - romantic-relaxed background music

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Corporation Speed: 140 bpm Ι Length: 2:09 Min

Corporate track with positive vibes and carefree mood. Ideally suited for use in the most diverse areas such as advertising, business presentations or corporate events.

My Sunshine Speed: 140 bpm 6/8th Ι Length: 2:09 Min

My Sunshine is a pleasant, optimistic ballad with acoustic guitars, mandolin, piano and percussion.

Little Sunshine Speed: 100 bpm Ι Length: 1:00 Min

The sun rises - funny positive piece with ukulele and whistled melody - GEMA-free background music, perfect for advertising! Also available as version without melody -> Little Sunshine - Talkover

Happy Speed: 150 bpm Ι Length: 3:45 Min

Funny song with Wurlitzer Electro piano, vocals, whistles and beatbox.

Mother Nature Speed: 120 bpm Ι Length: 2:46 Min

Inspiring acoustic pop music with positive atmosphere - perfect for emotional commercials.

Like a Walk in the Park - Talkover Speed: 136 bpm Ι Length: 1:26 Min

An optimistic track full of lightheartedness and good mood. With acoustic guitars, glockenspiel, accordion and subtle percussion.

Pink Lounge Speed: 120 bpm Ι Length: 2:19 Min

Floating, spherical and pulsating soundtrack with beautiful surface sounds and psychedelic electric guitars; reminiscent of Pink Floyd. Perfect for documentaries and portraits, as background music for audio guides, vlogs or as pleasant interlude in autmotivated telephone announcements.

Lazy Days Speed: 93 bpm Ι Length: 3:29 Min

Summer, sun and good mood - positive easy-listening music, among other things super for advertising, as a Music on hold or for vacation videos. Also available as talkover version: Lazy Days Talkover

Lazy Sunday Speed: 88 bpm Ι Length: 1:43 Min

Heartwarming, positive folk ballad with thoughtful, inspirational mood. Perfect for advertising on the theme of family / children.

Love Your Life Speed: 108 bpm Ι Length: 7:49 Min

Relaxed and open lounge sound. Electronic and handmade at the same time. Music to feel good that simply creates a good atmosphere.

Melancholic Sunday Speed: 70 bpm Ι Length: 2:32 Min

Remembering, saying goodbye, starting somewhere completely new: thoughtful, slightly melancholic, but still positive music.

Otis Speed: 102 bpm Ι Length: 2:57 Min

Relaxed, handmade west coast sound with beautiful guitars, light, groovy and flowing. Perfect for commercials, travel reports or as music on hold in telephone announcements.

Traveler Speed: 125 bpm Ι Length: 2:25 Min

Positive-inspiring corporate track - perfect for commercials!

Your journey Speed: free Ι Length: 3:38 Min

Beautiful, slightly melancholic acoustic guitar music that invites you to think about yourself and life.

Easy Speed: 95 bpm Ι Length: 2:43 Min

Positive, laid-back American-style soul feel.

Prana Pistol Speed: 90 bpm Ι Length: 2:48 Min

Calm, relaxed and positive lounge music that is versatile!

Easy Listening Music

Easy Listening Music

"Easy Listening" literally means "easy listening" and refers to music that can be left playing "on the side" without being distracting. On the contrary, the music soothes the listener and can sometimes encourage a willingness to buy. It is also generally referred to as light music.

Easy-Listening music can be used wherever quiet, unobtrusive background music is desired, e.g. for slide and photo shows (great landscape shots, vacation videos), as discreet background music on a website or as music on hold.

All music titles can be used permanently after a one-time licensing. If you have created an account, you can download every title of the Easy Listening category as a "layout" version for free.

All music pieces in the EASY LISTENING category are GEMA-free background music, i.e. after licensing a piece of music, the following occurs no follow-up costs due to GEMA. More information about the term Royalty free music you can read on the home page.

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