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On this page you will find 100 free mp3 music tracks of different genres, which you can download by following the Terms of use (see below) and use it free of charge.
Simply download the music as mp3 for free and use it immediately, e.g. as background music in your YouTube videos or social media clips (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok). Start now!
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Free royalty-free film music
Epic - Inspiring - Emotional

With your project you want to the really big feelings challenge? You've come to the right place. Turn your vacation or family video into a blockbuster with these opulent film music tracks. Create breathless suspense with "Deep Impact"! Let tears of emotion flow with "A Beautiful Memory". Or make your audience smile with the Criminal Cat.

TIP: By clicking on the "Package Icon" (right behind the download icon) will take you directly to the respective song detail page with license selection option.

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Royalty-free pop & rock music for free
Positive - Involving - Motivating

Whether catchy ballad or good, honest rock - with the professionally produced free pop & rock music you hit the right nerve. Convince your listeners of an idea or a project and convey visions of success with the following songs, life affirmation and happiness. Good mood pre-programmed!

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Free royalty-free piano music
Thoughtful - Calm - Emotional

Great emotional cinema! With "Melancholic Sunday" or "Little Love" you experience moods of longing, hope or love particularly intensely. But sorrow and pain also claim their space in our soul. Then, for example, "Quiet Farewell" can accompany your pensiveness or sadness. Find the right emotional material for the moving moments of life. The following compilation of emotional piano pieces fits especially well to topics, such as family, pets or relationship. Download now for free as background music.

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Free royalty-free Electro Music
Driving - Technical - Playful

You are looking for a rousing and dynamic beat for your gameplays, fitness clips or other fast-paced video sequences? Find the perfect GEMA-free music now for free in the following playlist of electronic tracks!

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Breakbeat & Big Beat Music Free Download
Aggressive - Powerful - Evil

You like it a little harder? Then watch out! This is where it gets hot. Whether it's a motorcycle tour, whitewater rafting or downhill mountain biking - with these breakbeat & big beat tracks, you'll feel the action in your videos, and you'll be right in the middle of it! Give your videos the power they need with action-packed songs now. Download now as GEMA free music for free!

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Free Jazz & Funk Music Titles
Casual - Cool - Relaxed

For Lightness and serenity in your photo or video sequences is responsible for the following selection of jazz & funk music tracks. The crispy beats in "Funk Warte" penetrate directly into the fingertips and make them snap as if by themselves. "Blue Night" or "Jazz Café" also result in indispensable rhythmic head bobbing. Groove Alert! Download GEMA-free music for free now.

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Royalty-free World Music
Passionate - Mysterious - Alive

Experience fiery Spanish temperament with "Andalusian Love". Dive into the endless expanse of Asia with "Temple of Asia". Feel the freedom and joy of life in "Reggae Feeling". The free World Music tracks give only a small insight into the range that this genre serves. Breathe here a little bit of the aroma of the big wide world. Download now as background music and breathe more life into your videos!

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Royalty-free Christmas songs
Festive - Contemplative - Homey

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Terms of use


Attention: No support for the free tracks!

Please understand that there are no support for the free music titles (neither by e-mail nor by telephone).
If you are not sure about your usage, better buy a License for the respective piece of music.

What uses are allowed?

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* One Private individual is a natural person (consumer) acting on his own behalf, not acting as a representative on behalf of companies, authorities, associations, foundations.
Example: If you use the music in the course of your self-employed activity, you are considered to be Entrepreneur.

Uses that are NOT allowed!

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Furthermore, uses that violate the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, the European Union, public order or morality are prohibited. A use of a work of in such contexts is inadmissible and constitutes a serious breach of contract.

FAQ - Free MP3 Music

Where can I GEMA free music download for free?

There are several music platforms on the Internet where you can also download GEMA-free music for free. On TerraSound you can download 50 tracks for non-commercial purposes free of charge.

Is Royalty-free music generally free of charge?

GEMA-free does not always mean free of charge at the same time! Mostly, a license (right of use) must be purchased for the use of the respective GEMA-free piece of music, if you want to use a piece as background music in a commercial video (advertising video, book trailer, etc.). On this page you can download GEMA-free music free of charge and use the total of 50 pieces of music non-commercially under indication of the source (see terms of use above).

Are there also providers of free mp3 music download abroad?

There are many providers of "Royalty Free Music", where you can download free background music for videos. However, this does not necessarily mean that this music is GEMA-free (in Germany)! It is always worth reading the fine print of the respective platform.

Why do I receive a YouTube copyright warningeven though the music is free of charge?

First of all, let me reassure you - you did nothing wrong. Your channel will not be banned, nor will any of your videos be deleted.
The "copyright complaint" simply means that the video cannot be monetized by you. That's all.

Briefly, why there is now this message for individual pieces of music:

In the past, music was downloaded from my website, the songs were renamed and published or sold under a different name. To protect myself from this unlawful use of my music, I have now registered a part of my music pieces via "AdRev" (Content ID).

You can find more information here if needed: About YouTube Content ID

Your videos will still be visible. There is no threat of deletion, blocking, additional payment or similar. However, monetization of your videos is only possible with a license.

Download royalty free mp3 music for free!

When selecting the free music, I made sure to include as many different styles of music as possible. For example, the songs from the free world music category are very suitable as background music for vacation movies that you want to publish online in social media on websites.

The pieces from Free Piano Music and Free Film Music are dynamic and very emotional. Therefore, this music can be perfectly integrated into landscape shots, nature films, slideshows and moving family videos.

Last but not least, there are also the "Power Songs" from the categories free Breakbeat / Big Beat Music and free Electro & Techno Songs. Due to the powerful character, these music pieces are perfect for the soundtrack of sports and action videos.

The pop & rock songs are suitable for podcasts and other media projects that require a more positive, musical character, e.g. image films. The framework conditions are important for the respective use of music, for example, whether the author must be named when music titles are used in films.

I hope you enjoy scoring your videos with my free music.

Speaking of free - for some of my piano pieces you can now download the Piano sheet music to play also download free of charge for private use.

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