Emotional Mindfulness Day

Emotional Mindfulness Day

Bye-bye stress, hello satisfaction:
The day of emotional mindfulness on September 29!

Hello, all you everyday fighters, stressed-out entrepreneurial heroes and always fighting for the good out there! Have you ever heard of a very special day that could change your life?

No, we're not talking about a new business idea or a revolutionary marketing trick. We are talking about one day, where you do something good for yourself - the day of emotional mindfulness!

Emotional Mindfulness Day

On September 29, people around the world celebrate Emotional Mindfulness Day, and we're here to show you why you should mark this day on your calendar.

Why is there an emotional mindfulness day?

Our present time is characterized by insights and realizations that fundamentally question our previous life and actions and confront us with enormous tasks. For many, it is an overwhelming challenge to deal with this situation - especially emotionally.

But it's perfectly okay if we feel overwhelmed sometimes! It is important that we accept these feelings and do not judge them. At the same time, we should find ways to distance ourselves from all the stress in between so that we can recharge our batteries and focus on the here and now.

Emotional Mindfulness Day reminds us to take care of ourselves. A day to pause, get rid of stress and strengthen our emotional muscles.


  Here is a selection of calm & positive music that can support you during mindfulness exercises.

Mind Travel Speed: free Ι Length: 30:10 Min

Calm, relaxing meditation music with 30 minutes length. Perfect for soundtracking spoken meditation or hypnosis videos.

Pure inspiration Speed: free Ι Length: 13:19 Min

Calm, relaxing piano music accompanied by gentle strings - excellent as relaxation music for stress relief, yoga and better sleep.

Waves of Motion Speed: free Ι Length: 10:01 Min

Floating, light, atmospheric - meditative music for yoga, hypnosis and meditation.

Sunrise Speed: free Ι Length: 6:11 Min

The sun rises, the fog lifts, dew softly beads from flowers and leaves, and the first rays of sun warm the face... Calm and peaceful ambient music.

Lightness Meditation Speed: 60 bpm Ι Length: 22:57 Min

Calm and flowing variation of the music "Lightness". Bright ascetic theme with piano. Accompanying music for meditation videos and podcasts or as a soundbed for audio guides and documentaries.

  Find more relaxing music here!


What does emotional mindfulness mean?

Emotional mindfulness means noticing your feelings and physical sensations without judgment or intention. What makes it special is that this practice immediately frees you from the clutches of worries (future) and fears (past) and catapults you directly into the here and now.

Because your conscious attention can be focused on only one thing at a time. When you dwell in the present, you have no capacity left to harbor fears and worries at the same time. On the contrary at this moment your full potential is optimally available to you.

Why is emotional mindfulness important?

Emotional mindfulness is much more than a short-lived trend or passing fad. For you, it's a powerful tool that can push the door wide open to a more fulfilling life and even influence professional success.

When you're mindful of your emotions, you'll notice how you can better manage stressful situations, work more productively, and take your relationships to a whole new level. It's like having a personal keys to a more fulfilling and successful life have found.


Have a great day!

Well, are you ready to get on your emotional roller coaster? The journey to your emotions can not only be enlightening, but also very relaxing. Imagine: less stress, more productivity, and maybe even some magical relationship moments. Your own personal key to a life with more "aha" moments is already in your hands. So, enjoy the day of emotional mindfulness and do something good for yourself!


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