Change of Mind - commissioned composition

Change of Mind - commissioned composition

In the beginning was the melody

In April 2020, I received an inquiry from a customer about a possible Audio on demand. Magic Earth (that's my client's stage name) had had a melody in his head for a long time that wouldn't let him go. That's why he wrote down the basic notes on a piece of paper, photographed the sheet and sent me a picture of it.

Basic melody commission composition 2020
Basic melody for the composition (Wizard Earth, April 2020)

His wish was to turn the melody into a "Orchestral Film Music" to be used as background music in his video, which would emotionally underline the message of his film.

Tempo, rhythm and key were not predetermined. So I sat down at the piano and improvised a bit to find out whether the theme suited me and in which direction I could develop it.

Quickly I had developed a few first motifs...

I sent this draft to Magic Earth and asked him for his opinion. Personally, I liked the theme very much and felt very much like starting the actual composition.

Modalities clarified - we were ready to go

After the "start release" of Magic Earth we first talked about his exact ideas about the music. The thought occurred to him that it would be great to use his Melody as the basic theme for several compositions at once to use.

I liked the idea. We agreed that I should three pieces in total which were based on his melody. Within the three compositions a change should take place - from melancholy and sadness to hope and confidence. The film music trilogy "Change of Mind" was born.

The first composition - MEMORIES

In part 1 of the trilogy, the music around Wizardofthe theme sound melancholy and express a sense of sadness and loss. Actually, I always describe myself as an optimist. Still, this was right up my alley!

I had considered to let the basic melody sound only briefly towards the end and otherwise to build up melancholic harmonies around the theme:

The Feedback from Magic Earth has moved me very much and above all motivated me to continue:

"[...] I'm speechless... honestly tears are running down my face while listening [...] from your piece sounds exactly my LOSS and my LONGING, and somehow it's the loss and the longing of the whole world, and that's also what the video is about, to which the music is."

Composition No. 2 - HOPE

In the following composition, the feeling of grief and loss should fade somewhat and hope should come to the fore. Here now emerges already at the beginning a part of the original melody on.

After further fine-tuning and minor revisions to the theme, we were both very pleased.

"Yes... now it is indeed quite wonderful, every single note. [...] And the repeated adaptations have led to a quite extraordinary result, in my opinion. But what also only came about because your first beginning of this composition was already so extraordinarily beautiful." (Magic Earth)

The end (or the beginning?) - FAITH

In the last part of the trilogy "Change of Mind" hope increases to faith and confidence.

The third composition was ultimately no longer part of the commission (which was paused for the time being due to Corona). It is originated from own drive. In the piece I took a lot of time to get the mood right and to make the gradual "metamorphosis" symphonic.

Personally, I like FAITH the best because it probably has the most heart and soul in it.

Big emotions require big pictures

The music was ready. But something was still missing. The pieces should do justice to a real "film music trilogy"! And so I sat down in the following days and weeks to the video editing.

The hard part was finding film sequences, which not only matched the music and mood, but also harmonized well with each other. But I think I found what I was looking for.

Change of Mind - Film Music Trilogy
Here now the three compositions - wrapped in a worthy video garb


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Change of Mind - MEMORIES
Melancholic, moving piece of music that expresses a sense of grief and loss.


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Change of Mind - HOPE
In this piece, grief should take a back seat and give way to hope.


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Change of Mind - FAITH
In the last part of the trilogy, hope continues to grow - towards faith and confidence.

A few final words about this project

The composition of an orchestral arrangement to a given melody was a great challenge. I was inspired and motivated above all by the always wonderful feedback from my client. There was never any time pressure, and any change requests were almost carefully requested so as not to disturb my "flow".

I can't imagine a more pleasant collaboration. I am therefore all the more pleased that Magic Earth came at me again last week - with a new project 🙂 .

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