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Sunset Speed: 80 bpm Ι Length: 4:15 Min

Inspiring and highly emotional piano piece for a beautiful but painful mood of longing and loss. Wonderful for quiet and sensitive film scenes, documentaries, picture series or radio plays.

The Beginning of Time Speed: 110 bpm Ι Length: 1:39 Min

Crystal clear, soft piano music with a very soothing and relaxing melody and progression.

Motion Speed: 76 bpm Ι Length: 3:07 Min

Calm, dreamy solo piano piece - thoughtful, romantic and hopeful. Perfect for advertising (family, children).

Photography Speed: 126 bpm Ι Length: 2:35 Min

The gentle piano ballad with its sensitively played harmonies builds up a dreamy-melancholic basic mood. Background music for quiet, moving scenes.

Daydream 2 Speed: 62 bpm Ι Length: 1:47 Min

Emotional, melancholic piano ballad describing a beautiful memory or a longing daydream. Gentle background music for poignant documentaries and film scenes.

Sunny Side Speed: 61 bpm Ι Length: 4:43 Min

Pleasant, light melody for dreamy and hopeful moods. Inspiring sound of piano, guitar and soft percussions. Unobtrusive background music for product presentations, image films, romantic feature films and telephone announcements.

Fleur Bleu Speed: free Ι Length: 3:22 Min

Romantic dreamy piece, heartwarming and very calm - beautiful, GEMA-free piano music that makes you dream and think.

Little Love Speed: free Ι Length: 2:06 Min

Reminisce, look at photos from the past or enjoy quiet moments with your partner - a little declaration of love for life.

Little Waltz Speed: 180 3/4 time bpm Ι Length: 2:11 Min

Beautiful piano music in the form of a classical waltz - imaginative, upbeat and slightly melancholic. A wonderful film score!

Traveling around the World Speed: 144 bpm Ι Length: 2:35 Min

Gentle, expressive piano music with a light melancholy. It underlines the beauty of a moment and at the same time expresses its transience. The soulful solo piece is suitable as film music for the themes of nature, retrospect, friendship, memory.

Memorial Day Speed: 128 bpm Ι Length: 2:31 Min

This gentle and soulful piano ballad tells of the special moments in life that you always love to return to. Wonderful background music for life's work, farewell, thanksgiving, family and friends.

Enchanted Forest Speed: free Ι Length: 2:35 Min

Due to the calm character perfect for the soundtrack of nature recordings or as background music in a meditation.

Piano Rain Speed: 115 bpm Ι Length: 2:04 Min

Dreamy, floating piano piece with subtle pad in the background - soulful and inspiring.

Quiet farewell Speed: free Ι Length: 2:39 Min

Saying goodbye, saying farewell - melancholic, thoughtful piano piece with a very calming effect and an ending that leaves enough room for hope.

Ballade pour Amalie Speed: free Ι Length: 3:02 Min

Thoughtful, slightly melancholic piano piece in the style of "The Fabulous World of Amelie".

Autumn Leaves Speed: free Ι Length: 2:47 Min

Solo piano music suitable for autumn with beautiful harmonies and soft touch - positive and heartwarming.

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