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Royalty free piano music / classical music - sometimes romantic heartwarming, sometimes melancholic and thoughtful - even with only one instrument many moods and emotions can be created.

Solo piano pieces - original compositions and well-known classics

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Passions Speed: free Ι Length: 2:19 Min

Dreamy, romantic film music with velvety piano sounds and heartwarming strings - moving music for emotional images (family, child, nature).

Billow Speed: 80 bpm Ι Length: 2:03 Min

Melancholic sad soundscape with soft piano sounds and velvety strings. Strong emotional atmosphere, perfect for dramatic images and videos.

Grand Etude Speed: free Ι Length: 2:05 Min

Inspiring piano film score with driving arpeggios and overall positive, mysterious mood. Perfect for commercials and web videos.

Motion Speed: 115 bpm Ι Length: 2:07 Min

Epic, melancholic-romantic film score ballad with soulful, soft-playful piano, flowing strings as well as a heavy beat with powerful percussions far in the background.

Pure inspiration Speed: free Ι Length: 13:19 Min

Calm, relaxing piano music accompanied by gentle strings - excellent as relaxation music for stress relief, yoga and better sleep.

Catch Me Speed: 120 bpm Ι Length: 0:35 Min

Cheeky funny little piano piece with pizzicato strings, clarinet and decent percussion. Great as intro music for Youtube channels (kids, comedy, fun).

Rainy Speed: free Ι Length: 1:15 Min

Beautifully playful piano piece with gentle arpeggios, accompanied by warm, slightly mystical strings. You can literally feel the rain.

Above the Clouds Speed: free Ι Length: 1:46 Min

Quiet, inspiring piano music with very soft touch and wonderful harmonies. Sounds like background music in a fantasy movie.

Desolation Speed: 74 bpm Ι Length: 2:36 Min

Classic cinematic piano track suitable for emotional and documentary scenes, travel documentaries, melancholic or tragic videos, vlogs, anti-war and educational films.

Free your Mind Speed: 88 bpm Ι Length: 2:37 Min

You love piano music and are looking for some inspiration for your everyday life? Then let our piece of music "Free your Mind" enchant you!

Special Moments Speed: 120 Ι Length: 2:23 Min

A soft and soulful piano theme suitable as a calm background music for emotional videos.

Outside Speed: free Ι Length: 1:51 Min

Calm and gentle film music with piano and spherical strings. Inspiring music for quiet, reflective moments.

True Friendship Speed: 88 bpm Ι Length: 2:31 Min

Romantic solo piano piece with pleasant soft touch for a calm, contemplative atmosphere. Inspirational score for themes like family, childhood memories, friendship, love of animals, travel, anniversary.

Dancing Colours Speed: free Ι Length: 5:19 Min

Dancing piano arpeggio, slowly building into an inspiring theme with soft vocals and guitars.

Sweet Memories Speed: free Ι Length: 2:22 Min

Romantic, soulful piano music with a slightly melancholic, yet hopeful mood. Best suited for image films and web videos.

Vivid Grand Speed: 115bpm Ι Length: 1:57 Min

Lively, positive and playful piano piece full of joie de vivre! The perfect sound for the summer.

Solo piano music

Piano Music

Here you will find all the music pieces that were recorded only with the instrument piano. The range of moods that can be created with only one instrument is enormous.

My piano pieces can best be described with the words "melancholic", "thoughtful" and also "soothing".

Therefore, the pieces are perfectly suitable for the soundtrack of photo and slide shows, as background music for websites or as a classical film music.

In addition to my own piano compositions, I have also recorded a few well-known classics, which are also very suitable for commercials due to their popularity. For a few of my piano pieces you can now also download the Download piano sheet music and replay the pieces at home.

All music pieces of the category PIANO MUSIC are GEMA-free. After buying a license arise No follow-up costs due to collecting societies such as GEMA, AKM or SUISA. On the homepage you will find more information about the topic Royalty free music and its advantages.

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