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I Wish Speed: 125 bpm Ι Length: 2:38 Min

Hopeful, fresh pop rock music with a sense of freedom and carefree.

Into the Light Speed: 82 bpm Ι Length: 1:42 Min

The piece combines classical film music with modern synthesizer sounds and is suitable for fantasy or adventure scenes as well as for commercials and image films.

Passionate Love Speed: 80 bpm Ι Length: 3:37 Min

Extra chill lounge music from the chill expert! The cool, breezy sounds trade stress for relaxation. Perfect music for bar or beach scenes, telephone waiting loops or as a relaxed, sonic bridging of break times.

Turn On Speed: 123,5 bpm Ι Length: 3:46 Min

Motivating dance pop song with catchy rock guitar riff, electronic beats and lively sound effects. The track expresses youth, dynamite and lightness. Perfect soundtrack for motivational, training and image films, inspiring commercials and uplifting active film scenes.

Motion Speed: 76 bpm Ι Length: 3:07 Min

Calm, dreamy solo piano piece - thoughtful, romantic and hopeful. Perfect for advertising (family, children).

Timepieces Speed: 131 bpm Ι Length: 2:17 Min

Pop rock soundalike with a tribute to a famous Brit Pop band. Perfect for commercials and image films.

Forming A Tune Speed: 70 bpm Ι Length: 1:21 Min

Mysterious, building soundtrack with a sense of departure! Perfect for image films or commercials!

Idea becomes Reality Speed: 120 bpm Ι Length: 3:00 Min

Modern music track with rhythmic electric guitars, bass and drums, positive and motivating - perfect for product films.

Promote your Business Speed: 130 bpm Ι Length: 3:59 Min

Ambitious goals - clear strategies. Put your idea in the right light! Corporate business music for product films, image films, advertising.

Science Lab Speed: 108 bpm Ι Length: 2:57 Min

Futuristic and modern track with soft subtle synths, strings and soft piano.

Sunny Side Speed: 61 bpm Ι Length: 4:43 Min

Pleasant, light melody for dreamy and hopeful moods. Inspiring sound of piano, guitar and soft percussions. Unobtrusive background music for product presentations, image films, romantic feature films and telephone announcements.

Broken Dreams Speed: 150 bpm Ι Length: 3:22 Min

Explosive drum'n'bass. Perfect for sports, aerial, speed and cyberspace!

Green Ireland Speed: 104 bpm Ι Length: 3:17 Min

Touching film music with Irish tin whistle, guitars, mandolin and strings. Slightly melancholic, yet positive.

Live your Dream - Talkover Speed: 140 bpm Ι Length: 3:00 Min

Talkover version, perfect for voiceovers and speakers.

Brainstorming Speed: 120 bpm Ι Length: 2:16 Min

Fresh energy and positive vibes! Brainstorming" helps you create imagination for your next project and makes your goals even more tangible.

Business Boost Speed: 70 bpm Ι Length: 2:40 Min

Inspiring corporate business music for presentations with a positive mood. The soft, unobtrusive sounds provide enough space for voiceovers (commercials) and fit the topics technology & science, start-ups, finance, crypto.

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